“Guide to Phone Apps” Magazine released… unfortunately already outdated?

Beckett Media has published a new print mag called the “Guide to Phone Apps” magazine. All 100 pages are in full colour and contains everything you need when looking for the perfect app. Some of the articles in this first issue are: 10 Apps That Will Make Your Day, Accessorize Your BlackBerry, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My iPhone, How to Score Paid Apps for Free, and top app lists for travel, social networking, gaming, utilities, and more.

The magazine costs a hefty $9.99 and by the time it hits stands you’d think the apps they covered and promised to promote are already outdated, upgraded or even downloaded. I say keep your 10 bucks and take the time to review the apps in either the AppWorld, AppStore or app blogs then spend your money on a premium app.

You can learn more here at Beckett