Google accused of violating trademark of Nexus One… family states “obvious connection”

Google’s new Nexus One smartphone is the latest gadget to catch the headlines, but one family is not impressed.

The estate of science fiction writer Philip K Dick is looking for more dough and have plans to sue Google over the name of their Nexus One smartphone. Here is the deal… Apparently Dick’s book “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” was the stage for the movie Blade Runner and featured were “Nexus-6 androids” and the OS used was Android.

Mr Dick’s daughter Isa Dick Hackett says Google is in trademark violation and a letter has been sent to stop using the name. Hackett stated “Google takes first and then deals with the fallout later. In my mind, there is a very obvious connection to my father’s novel. People don’t get it … It’s the principle of it. It would be nice to have a dialogue. That’s a way to start.. She added “It’s not lost on the people who are somewhat familiar with this novel… Our legal team is dealing head on with this.”

Google has responded and believe there is no connection to the author or his novels. Pretty sure this will be settled out of court.