TELUS hires Tekelec to help with LTE migration

Even though TELUS just launched their HSPA network, planning is already on the way for their LTE (long term evolution) technology. In a press release this morning they have hired on Morrisville, N.C. based Tekelec to implement “an IP-based network architecture that lowers transport costs and increases bandwidth for network signaling while maximizing the value of current network technology. The TELUS network upgrades also provide the operator with more comprehensive international roaming and faster mobile broadband speeds.”

Ken Kerrigan, TELUS vice-president of technology strategy said “Interoperability among equipment underpins our ability to improve customers’ services and experiences. Tekelec brings a flexible and scalable SIGTRAN solution, ensuring that we can support a combination of network technologies as we grow our customer base and provide new offerings.”

Via: CNNMoney