Google’s Nexus One to be a $20 billion money machine?

The entire world knows that Google launched their Nexus One last week to much fanfare and frustration. One outfit called Trefis has boldly stated that this superphone will generate $20 billion for Google.

They state “Although $20 billion may seem high for a business that just launched in January, the precedent set by Apple’s iPhone business suggests that it could be even higher. Apple’s stock has more than doubled since it announced the iPhone in early 2007 and we estimate that iPhones constitute about 50% of the Apple’s value or more than $100 billion.”

Although us Canadians yet to have the luxury of a Nexus One, Trefis believes that Google will eventually introduce multiple versions at different price points. “Google phone pricing will decline at a fast rate initially as Google introduces lower priced versions of the phone and competition with other smartphone makers (Apple, RIM, Nokia) drives down prices.”

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Via: Forbes