One month of WIND Mobile: how is your experience?

It’s been just over a month of having Wind Mobile active in the Canadian market. The new entrant had a number of challenges starting up and with all their enthusiasm bolted into the hearts of Canadians. When we sat down with Chairman Tony Lacavera last week he stated they have signed up over 5,000 subscribers… so by now they are probably over the 12,000 – 15,000 mark.

One of the best traits that new entrant Wind is doing well is standing by their tag line of “The Power of Conversation”. Executives have openly written about the early successes and challenges. Some of the known challenges are porting numbers, port blocking for internet, network coverage, mixed messaging for the home and away zone, towers, roaming…

In a new post CCO Chris Robbins states that they are hearing feedback on their network and looking for ways to improve its strength. He said “Based on the input from customers, plus our own constant coverage analysis, we’ve got several areas that are top priorities for our network management and build teams. In these key Calgary and GTA neighborhoods, we’re doing things like optimizing the network, boosting the signal strength, and re-positioning antennas, plus adding new cellular sites … all just in the next few weeks!”

Robbins goes on to say that “We’re adding more than 30 new cellular sites in the GTA in January alone and more than 15 new cellular sites in Calgary. And this is in addition to building out Edmonton, Ottawa, and Vancouver for launch in 2010”. So it seems like the Wind network is growing over time and customers are signing up.

Also, for those customers who are looking for a stronger signal, Wind says these are the Key Neighborhoods in the GTA & Calgary that are getting attention: Brampton & areas of Mississauga; North Oakville & Burlington; Areas of Oshawa & Ajax; York Mills; North & North West Calgary; Cedarbrae & Shawnessy in South West Calgary.

For those Wind customers who have signed up, how are you liking the everything and what is your experience like?