Virgin’s upcoming devices: 9700, 8530, iPhone, MiFi 2372…

Update – seems since we posted this story Virgin has removed the working pages with their upcoming devices. However, you’ll see the complete list and we gotta agree with Robert Blumenthal of Virgin Mobile Canada when he stated “Early next year, we’ll be in the first phases of a very different Virgin”. Check out the full list below.

Nothing like a good insight into what upcoming devices a carrier will be releasing than live pics on their own website. That’s what our friends over at Virgin Mobile have done!

We’ve known they were going to release the iPhone (3G & 3GS) for some time now… but the Virgin Angels will also be releasing the following devices: Blackberry Bold 9700, BlackBerry Curve 8530, Samsung M330, Broadband2Go MC998D and the Novatel Wireless MiFi 2372.

Pretty stellar upcoming lineup and we still believe these will launch in February when they turn on their new HSPA network. There are yet to be released and have the following current price tags associated with them, probably changed at launch:

Apple iPhone 3G: 3-year/30-day contract is $599.99
Apple iPhone 3GS: 3-year/30-day contract is $699.99
BlackBerry Bold 9700: 3-year/30-day contract is $599.99
BlackBerry Curve 8530: 3-year/30-day contract is $399.99
Broadband2Go MC998D: pricing is still unknown
Samsung M330: pricing is still unknown
Novatel Wireless MiFi 2372: pricing is still unknown.

Check them out here at Virgin (or the above links)
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(Thanks Raj!)