More proof of Virgin’s new line up: iPhone, 8530, 9700 etc…

Update – seems like the screenshot we captured below led Virgin to remove all their upcoming devices again. So… take a peek below as it’s more confirmation!

A few days ago Virgin posted their upcoming devices on their website… however it was taken down shortly after. We captured an image which you can see here.

Tucked away and still live on their site is all the upcoming devices… you’ll have to dig way into the “Accessory” section to find them. You can expect to see over the next few weeks the following added to their line up – both CDMA and HSPA products:
iPhone 3G & 3GS (will be available in Black and White)
Blackberry Bold 9700
BlackBerry Curve 8530 (will be available in Black and Purple)
Samsung M330
Broadband2Go MC998D
Novatel Wireless MiFi 2372

You like the “different” Virgin? Hopefully the rate plans will drop to accommodate the heavy up on data devices.

Check them out here at Virgin

(Thanks Brian!)