Fido set to launch Renew Plus, Naite, Curve 8520 & Gravity?

Looking for some more info on what Fido will be launching this quarter? “RogersInsider” over at HoFo has dropped some handset and prices that will be launching February 9th or the 23rd. Here’s the upcoming rumours to add to the mix:

Moto Renew PLUS (launching February 9th)
(Will replace the current Moto Renew)
2-year contract: $15
Month-to-Month/Prepaid: $65

Sony Ericsson Naite (launching February 9th)
2-year contract: $30
Month-to-Month/Prepaid: $150

BlackBerry Curve 8520 (launching February 9th on the HoFo, but we think it’s going to be February 2nd)
3-year contract with Voice & Data plan: $60
Month-to-Month/Prepaid – $400

Samsung Gravity(launching February 23rd)
2-year contract: $65
Month-to-Month/Prepaid: $150

Another device to expect is the LG Etna 2 (GW300)

Are you ready to line up and get one of these?