Bell chooses Comverse for Mobile Internet, Visual Voicemail and Multimedia Messaging

Everyone is jumping on the visual voicemail bus these days. Although it;s been around for a while, last week we saw Wind bring on their partner… and now Bell Mobility has brought on Comverse Mobile for several new service add-ons such as Internet HUB, visual voicemail and multimedia messaging (MMS).

According to the release all the services will include “The Comverse Mobile Internet HUB helps optimize traffic flow and improve the overall Web browsing experience. The new high-speed packet access (HSPA) network also brings Comverse Visual Voicemail to a range of advanced handsets, enriching voicemail service with visual elements, such as an inbox that displays all messages and empowers users to select any message in any order with one click… Bell users can choose to read their voicemail – Voicemail to Text”.

This sounds really good and more people will embrace this sort of messaging, similar to the way Canadians embraced text messaging. Bell purchased the “Comverse HUB Value-Added Services”… Voice, Messaging and Mobile Internet. Another service that is part of this package is Mobile Advertising that helps operators monetize their advertising inventory. We’re just saying that eventually this will be coming down the Bell pipe.

Via: BW