TELUS dropping Prepaid local rates March 7th

Earlier this month we saw that TELUS was increasing specific plans by $5 March 4th… but if you’re a Prepaid user you’ll be thrilled to know that your rates for local calling will be dropping March 7th.

If you check out the TELUS Prepaid section on their site you’ll see on the “Local Anytime Rate” has been dropped to $0.30 per minute (this is inline with what all the other carriers are offering prepaid local for). Any sort of price reduction is good for the customer as it was a max of $0.40 per minute before. If you go for a 30-day feature or more the price will drop even more to $0.20 per minute.

TELUS also states in the fine print that “Local anytime rate without a 30-day feature will be 30¢/minute, effective March 7, 2010. TELUS 30-day features exclude Pay-Per-Day features and Mobile Music, Roadside Assistance, Mobile TV, Mobile Radio, Windows Live Messenger and My Email subscriptions.”

As usual with any plans (Prepaid or Postpaid) you must always make sure what you are getting into. The last thing you want is a massive bill at the end of the month/contract. Read the papers before signing, all the small print.

More here at TELUS
(Thanks Francis!)