WIND building over 60 sites in GTA and Calgary… better coverage on the way?

Wind Mobile is continuing to build out their network. They have announced today that their “network team is busy, busy, busy!” and over the next 8-10 weeks they will be “adding more than 60 sites in our GTA and Calgary Home Zones” to get better coverage.

Wind has had their share of problems though and have said “we’re not pretending that we got everything right day one”. Since launching they’ve had issues with porting numbers over, port blocking for internet, network coverage, mixed messaging for the home and away zone, towers, roaming… Today based on customer feedback the areas that will be worked on are the following over the next few weeks:
– The Eglinton & Don Mills, and Bayview & Davisville neighbourhoods in Toronto
– Downtown and Southeast Hamilton, plus Ancaster
– North Burlington & Oakville
– Along Queen Street in Mississauga
– North Brampton
– Saddle Ridge, Country Hills, and Chestermere in Calgary

For those in Ottawa and Edmonton… are you ready for Wind?