CCTS launches new site… gives Canadians a fresh place to launch complaints

All the wireless carriers (and their subsidiaries) are mandated to have details on their website and their customer bills the info and contact details for the CCTS (Commission for Complaints for Telecommunications Services). You might have seen this being updated on several sites last week… and for those who have yet to do so have until the end of January.

Back in August the CCTS stated they will have more of a presence in the Canadian market with a new website and advertising. They even have a new tag line that’s “Let’s Talk Solutions”. The purpose of the CCTS is to for us to file a complaint with one of the telecom players such as contract terms, commitments, billing disputes and errors.

Their new site has launched and it’s incredibly easy to find your way around. It’s broken down into several categories when filing a complaint: Complaints Process, Guide to Making a Complaint, How to Make a Complaint and Online Complaint Form.

If you have a complaint… check it out here at the CCTS