TELUS named “top philanthropic corporation for 2010”

TELUS has been awarded with the 2010 Freeman Philanthropic Services Award for Outstanding Corporation… this is basically the top award an organization can get with it comes to is philanthropic work. Better yet it’s the first time a Canadian company received the nod.

TELUS has the tag line “We Give Where We Live” and the award recognizes “outstanding commitment through financial support and encouragement and motivation of others to take on leadership roles in their communities”. In total TELUS has given $158 million several charities and non-profits and their team have volunteered over 3 million hours of service to local communities.

Paulette V. Maehara, president and CEO of AFP said “A lot of companies talk the talk about philanthropy, but TELUS really makes giving and volunteering a priority. Their approach to philanthropy and their demonstrated commitment to employee involvement through their charitable giving and volunteerism programs sets the standards for corporations around the world. They are truly deserving of this honor.”

Darren Entwistle, TELUS president and CEO said “The TELUS team is deeply honoured to be recognized for our culture of giving. We are a company that measures success not only by profitable returns, but by the contributions we make to society. This award is shared by all TELUS team members and our retirees who give every day with their selfless efforts, hearts, minds and money to help our neighbours and make our communities healthier for us all.”

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