Motorola patent shows rating system for mobile devices in the works

With all the devices coming out with faster processors, bigger screens and the ability to basically do anything you such as e-mail, pictures, video, web… mobile TV will eventually become more popular and even become standard. A new patent has surfaced that shows Motorola getting into the game to develop a rating syste,

The patent titled “Method for Collecting Usage Information on Wireless Devices for Ratings Purposes” is described as “A system for collecting usage information from a mobile device includes at least one ratings server configured to communicate with a population of mobile devices over a network… A method for collecting usage information from a population of mobile devices includes reporting usage information for each mobile device of the population with a ratings application installed on each the mobile device; and receiving and analyzing the usage information with a ratings server to produce ratings of content available to the mobile devices based on the usage information.”

Sounds like Motorola will become the Neilsen ratings of the mobile phone world as the patent continues to state “Consequently, to calculate the price a network should charge an advertiser for a given advertising time interval, a determination of how many people are viewing the program during which the advertisement will be presented is valuable. The most commonly used method for determining the size of a program’s audience is through Nielsen ratings. The Nielsen ratings method was originally developed by Nielsen Media Research during the 1940’s and has changed significantly over the years.”

I am sure there are other ways and other organizations already calculating this… but what do you think of Mobile TV? Will it become a daily activity in the next several years?

Source: United States Patent & Trademark Office
Via: GoRumours