Rogers cuts off data service to HTC Dream users until they upgrade software

We’ve been tipped by several HTC Dream users today that for those who have yet to update the recent mandatory 911 upgrade that Rogers has essentially cut of their phone service. Apparently if you’re one of these people with the old OS and attempt to make an outgoing call you’ll be routed to Rogers customer service and asked to apply the update. Once you do Rogers Customer Service reps are saying your voice service will be re-activated but your data will take up to 24-hours to re-enable your service.

We’ve been informed by Rogers that “Once a customer speaks to a representative, they will not be redirected to Care again. The 24-hr re-enable of service refers to data… once the software update has been completed, data will be restored within 24hrs.”

Back on January 23rd (2-weeks ago) when Rogers sent out the 911 software fix they did state it was a mandatory fix: “A mandatory software update is now available for Rogers HTC Dream and Magic customers to ensure 911 calls can be completed on these devices. These customers need to go immediately to or”

Anyone else having challenges today?

(Thanks Richard!)