Public Mobile can’t be happy with this: Gov’t says Globalive documents are confidential and “cannot be disclosed”

Public Mobile is one of the new wireless entrants and will be launching their service by mid-2010. CEO Alek Krstajic has been outspoken about his viewpoints on the recent Globalive decision where Industry Minister Tony Clement overturned the CRTC and allowed Globalive to launch their Wind Mobile brand.

Krstajic believes “if you’re going to have one set of rules for him, have them for us as well” and also stated “we believe Cabinet’s decision is unfair to other wireless carriers, especially new entrants like Public Mobile that have played by the rules and secured substantial Canadian investment”. He requested the Federal Court to give more clarity on the decision.

Over the past month Krstajic appeared on a few TV shows expressing his viewpoints and possibly looking for more foreign investment. On Fox he stated “if we are going to allow Egyptian money, surely we should allow U.S. money to qualify as well… we think competition is great. We just want to make sure that we can have that same access to foreign capital that others players have… we just think that we should have fair rules and allow the Americans to come north and invest… we’d love to see U.S. capital classified the same way… surely our Governments intent is not to put Egyptian capitol ahead of U.S capital… that would be a travesty”.

Today however the federal government refused to release documents that led to the Globalive decision to overturn the CRTC.  In a letter addressed to the court, the Privy Council’s assistant clerk wrote that, “all documents submitted to the Governor in Council are confidential documents of the Queen’s Privy Council for Canada and therefore cannot be disclosed.”

Bob Boron, Public Mobile’s vice-president of legal and regulatory affairs, stated “it’s very peculiar. If it’s a facts-based decision, why wouldn’t they be okay with filing the record of that decision with the court?”

What are your thoughts… do you think the Court should release the documents? Or do you just want Public Mobile to launch?

Via: Globe