Wind continues to grow GTA and Calgary… prepping for Ottawa and Edmonton

WIND continues to build out their network by putting more cell tower sites up. As they noted a couple weeks ago they are focusing in on the GTA and Calgary areas by expanding the Home Zone reach. Chris Robbins, CCO posted a note on the company blog that stated “While we continue to build out Edmonton and Ottawa to get ready for launch, we’re also building more and more coverage in and around the GTA and Calgary. In the last two weeks, we’ve turned on over a dozen sites, but more important than the number of sites, is the feedback from real customers that the coverage has improved substantially in key areas.”

In addition, Robbins states they are working on U.S. roaming and should be completed “this week or next” and that
they “have missed a key target for U.S. roaming. The reason we’ve priced our U.S. roaming equal to Canadian roaming and at fraction of what other operators charge ($0.25 per minute including roaming and long distance) is because of the great partnership with T-Mobile”.

By the end of the month we’ll see service available in both Edmonton and Ottawa… which will make your Wind Home reach larger. After these two cities it’ll be Vancouver in the March time frame.