Bell aims “to provide you with the best and fastest service in the country”

The ongoing battle of who is the most reliable has taken a backseat, mainly due to the carriers suing each other of misrepresenting the public. Next up are the Service claims. Bell has long been targeting to capture the number one spot in the country and they have launched a dedicated site for us to truly see how Bell customer service really operates.

Back in July of 2008 Bell CEO & President George Cope completely changed the look and feel of the company. You might remember his “100-day plan” that had 5 key objectives: Improve Customer Service, Accelerate Wireless, Leverage Wireline Momentum, Invest in Broadband Networks & Services, and Achieve a Competitive Cost Structure. Cope said “Bell’s goal is clear: to be recognized by customers as Canada’s leading communications company. I look forward to leading a unified, re-energized organization focused on attaining that goal by delivering a better customer experience at every level”.

Time has passed and Bell re-branded the company with the simple new logo that stresses “Today just got Better”. They just came off a record Q4 2009 with 523,000 new subscribers (11.3% increase) and raised their total customer base to 6,833,000. Record results, new HSPA network, higher profits… according to the dedicated site Bell states “Welcome to better service. At Bell we are committed to providing exceptional customer care to you, our customer… We believe every time you come into contact with the Bell name, we can and should build your trust.”

For those Bell customers out there, or potential Bell customers…  Is it on track to provide you with the “best and fastest service in the country”?