Possible BlackBerry Slider image leaks online?

Details are really scarce and the image you’re looking at is rumoured to be a BlackBerry slider device. Boy Genius has scooped up an image and early specs are that it’s going to be a portrait-oriented slider that will run BlackBerry OS 6.0, support Wi-Fi 802.11n, screen resolution will be 360×480. No word on when it’s coming out, rumoured to be a Verizon exclusive (for now) and that it might/might not have a touchscreen. The image looks to be a cross between a Storm2 and a Tour/Bold keyboard.

A touchscreen slider is rumoured to come out this year. Back in November of 2009 Analyst Shaw Wu reported that a slider device was in the prototype stage and likely to ship in 2010 and that contacts in the industry and parts suppliers who say the touchscreen slider phone is in development and resembles a cross between the Storm2 and one of RIM’s non-touch QWERTY devices.”

Kinda looks like a heftier Palm Pre… what do you think?