Canada’s “Worst Cellphone Bill” revealed

The CBC has been looking for feedback over the past few months to find out who has Canada’s Worst Cellphone Bill” and yesterday they revealed who it was. CBC’s Wendy Mesley took to the streets of Toronto, interviewed people across the country and received over 1,000 submission for the cause. The findings can be viewed over at the CBC and it is honestly a brilliant piece of work that showcases the major carriers and how they respond to high cellphone bill charges. In some cases the monthly cost soared to $6,000, others were just about being put on the wrong plan.

Mesley also interview University of Waterloo professor Srinivasan Keshav who explained that the cost of services such as text messaging, roaming and data are a cash cow for our carriers. You should check it out, the entire piece is over 20 minutes but gives you an insight into how the carriers treat their customers. The “worst” cellphone bill is not just about price, but about service. In this case Rogers, Fido, TELUS, Bell and Virgin have been interviewed. What’s shocking is that you see a frustrated customer connect with Virgin (her carrier) who eventually hangs up on her… FYI, Virgin won a whack load of J.D. Power Awards last year.

More here at CBC