Vidéotron customer service is “Almost perfection”

Vidéotron has announced their Q4 results and now have over 83,000 mobile subscribers. The more important part of the report is the astonishing high level of customer service. Videotron offers TV, Internet, Cable, Home Phone and Wireless services and when they officially roll out their HSPA network this Summer will be even greater competition to the Big 3.

They like other communications companies offer bundle packages and they stated that they have a 97% overall and 99% customer satisfaction rate. CEO Robert Dépatie said it’s “Almost perfection”. So while other companies are striving to have better customer service, Videotron is well ahead of the game. Dépatie specifically said about their upcoming launch that “lessons taught us recently, from the new entrants – don’t be too pressured to go to the market. Make sure that your network is well built, [and has] good coverage”.

Scotia Capital analyst Jeff Fan commented that “Vidéotron is not like Wind Mobile. If Vidéotron’s wireless doesn’t work out well, there’s going to be a potential knock-on effect on the other services.”

For those Vidéotron subscribers, are you planning to get a new wireless device when the HSPA network launches? Will you bundle it all in together and if the network is not reliable will you ditch it and go back to another carrier?

Via: Globe