Virgin increasing Long Distance, Local Calling, Web Browsing & International Texting prices April 15th

Effective April 15th Virgin will be increasing the prices for a number of services across the board. These basically only impact those of you who are not on a plan but it’s always important to know what’s happening – just so you’re not shocked when you get your monthly bill.

Virgin posted this on their Customer Updates section on their site:

Long Distance and Local Calling Price Changes
Starting April 15, 2010, long distance charges on out-of-plan calls to Canada or the U.S. are changing from 30¢/minute to 35¢/minute in addition to your local by-the-minute rate. If you’re already hooked up to one of our Unlimited Long Distance Add-ons, then this pricing change won’t affect you. Also the local by-the-minute rate for out-of-plan calls will be changing from 30¢/minute to 35¢/minute. Please note that these changes will only impact Members who signed up before February 2, 2009. Anyone who joined after this date would already be paying these rates for out-of-plan local and long distance calls.

Web Browsing and International Texting Price Changes
Also on April 15, 2010, the charges for pay-per-use web browsing are changing from 5¢/page viewed to 5¢/kb (Kilobyte) of data. If you’re already hooked up to one of our Data Plans or Unlimited Mobile Web Browsing Add-ons, then this pricing change won’t affect you. Also, the price to send an international text is changing from 20 ¢ to 25¢ for each message sent. As always, receiving a text (from anywhere) is free.

If you’re going to be making long distance calls or surfing the web, then this is a great time to hook up an Unlimited Long Distance or Unlimited Mobile Web Browsing Add-on so that these pricing changes won’t affect you.