Tethering promo extended indefinitely for Rogers & Fido customers… becomes policy.

Rogers/Fido has some good news regarding their tethering promotion that was set to expire May 3rd… effective today the promotion is extended with no end date in sight at no extra charge. You’ll have to sign up for a data plan of 1GB an above though. “Tethering” gives you the ability to use your device as a modem and connect to the internet.

Miranda from Rogers sent a note to us that states “Rogers is unveiling a tethering policy that reflects how our customers are already using data on their mobile device. Effective immediately (March 24), tethering will continue to be included at no additional charge for Rogers and Fido customers who subscribe to a data plans of 1GB and above, with a few exceptions. This new policy replaces the current tethering promotion, originally set to expire on May 3”.  In the legal disclaimer on the tethering info page on Rogers it states that this “Excludes Family Share Data & Voice Plans, Smartphone and Rocket stick shared data plans, and One Rate Data Plans for Canada and the U.S.”.

More here at Rogers