Virgin installs “Safe Text Zones” across Canada

This is a good way to start April 1st. Gotta love Virgin Mobile Canada as they’ve taken it upon themselves to “install Safe Text Zones across Canada” because “more than 20,000 pedestrian accidents have occurred while texting since 2009”. These prototype safe text zones are located in Toronto on sections of Queen Street and Yonge Street and on Vancouver’s Robson Street. Check out Virgin’s public service announcement:

Dr. Thumbson, lead researcher with the consumer advocacy group Canadians Raising Awareness for Street-related Harm (C.R.A.S.H.) stated “Thousands of Canadians are hurt each month after bumping into street poles and other sidewalk obstructions – and even each other – while texting on their mobile phones. Textus interruptus, or a lack of awareness of one’s environment while texting, has drastically increased, especially with today’s youth as they just can’t stop playing with it. To ensure that pedestrians are kept safe, we believe that Safe Text Zones should be installed on major streets across Canada. It’s a real safety issue and it’s time the government took action.”

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