Today we had the opportunity to hang out with Motorola Canada and learn more about their upcoming 3 Android-powered devices: DEXT, BACKFLIP and QUENCH. These will be released “first half of 2010” (I think I heard something about May 17th) and all will be running OS 1.5 with early conversations for and upgrade “at a later date”. The DEXT will be heading to Bell, BACKFLIP is launching with TELUS and now officially confirmed that Rogers will be releasing the QUENCH.

You’ll see in each of the videos that Moto reps are going hard to promote MOTOBLUR, this basically combines all your Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Gmail accounts and syncs all your contacts, email and calendar together directly on your home screen. Like all Android devices there are several home screens to choose from and each device has its own unique attribute to it.

We are uploading the video to YouTube (might be a bit pixelated for a bit until they complete processing them), but in order they are the DEXT, BACKFLIP and QUENCH. No word on price points or officially launch dates but we’ll relay more info when we get it. Also, full specs of each are listed below the videos.