Koodo to release Curve 8530 between May 18th & 26th?

While Koodo’s new character “El Tabador” is busy trying to get people to sign up for $0.00 phones, we’ve got some updates on their anticipated BlackBerry release! We’ve been informed that Koodo will be launching the CDMA Curve 8530 and rough release dates are now rumoured to be between May 18th and 26th.

Thanks to the tipster who let us know that employee plans are changing on May 26th to include unlimited DATA and employees must use a Koodo branded phone. But how will a BlackBerry work on Koodo’s Tab system? Well, according to our source that’s also changing. It’s now at a max of $150… but it’ll be changing to max out at $200 thus making it more cost effective for customers to purchase a Blackberry.

(Thanks “B”!)