Koodo to launch Nokia 3710 as first HSPA device

The Koodo news just keeps on coming! Yesterday we showed you that Koodo is getting ready to launch the BlackBerry Curve 8530 in Silver and the Pearl Flip in Pink – these have a targeted launch date between May 18 to 26th. How about some updates on their anticipated HSPA launch though!

We’ve been informed by a tipster that their new network could possibly get the green light and flip the switch for May 18th. In addition, Koodo’s currently testing SIM cards and looking at the screenshot it shows that a SIM will cost you $25 – hopefully it’ll drop in price at launch. Curious about which device Koodo’s has chosen to be their inaugural HSPA device? The Nokia 3710 flip phone is currently in the system and has a retail price of $200. Ironically, this is the same device that Fido is rumoured to release on May 18th.

One more note is that the pay-per-use web usage is changing on May 18th, but no revised or confirmed data plans have been released yet. We’ll update you more when we get the info.

What do think of the new Koodo?