Video: TELUS Motorola BACKFLIP Hardware Review

The TELUS Motorola BACKFLIP will be launching soon and tight off the top I love how unique it is. Compared to the other flip phones that are on the market, and even compared to the other MOTOBLUR devices such as the Quench and Dext that will be released soon… the BACKFLIP is really one to consider.

Many features are unique such as the way that the keyboard flips open from reverse of what we’re used to. In addition, Motorola has created a “BACKTRACK navigation” located on the back that helps you navigate around the device. The BACKFLIP also comes with a 3.1 inch touchscreen display that lights up nice and bright. The keyboard itself is a four row QWERTY and has quick access to the important buttons you may need: web, mail, menu, directional keys. Other features of the BACKFLIP are that it has a 5 megapixel camera and weighs only a measly 133 grams.

As this is an Android-powered device it comes with OS 1.5 – but there is talk of an upgrade at some point to 2.1. Here’s a quick look at the hardware, we also captured an earlier video from the MOTOBLUR event party a couple weeks back. There is a good walk through of the BACKFLIP here