Report: New entrants to capture 10% of market by end of 2015

A new report has surfaced regarding the future of Canadian wireless. DBRS says that new competition such as WIND Mobile, Public Mobile, Mobilicity and Shaw will put pressure on the incumbent players and take between 7% and 10% of their market share by the end of 2015. Rogers, Bell and TELUS currently have 96% of the market and the report says it could fall to 88%.

In addition, wireless penetration will also increase by 2015 to an estimated 80% or 30 million Canadians, compared to the current level of 67% (22.9 million).

Chris Diceman, Senior Vice President at DBRS said “While there will be more players at the table. The table itself is expected to grow at a rate of 5% per year to 2015. Those carriers that are best at adapting to competitive and technological changes will not merely survive, but thrive. There is plenty of room for growth left in the Canadian wireless market over the medium term. With their national networks and track records of innovation, it will likely be the incumbents that push these initiatives, while the new entrants try to scale their businesses from a significantly different cost base.”

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