Mobilicity to launch in June with $65 Unlimited Plan?

The wait for new entrant Mobilicity is almost over. The company has been extremely hidden from all sources of information regarding device lineup and price plans. According to the Globe, Mobilicity will “reveal plans this week to begin operating by early June… will be an aggressively priced unlimited talk, text, long-distance and data package for $65.”

After getting the green light last week to launch, Mobilicity sent out a press release stating they will “bring consumers truly unlimited plans with unbeatable value”. So this $65 plan is just one of many… we hear they will offer about 6 different set of price plans. No word yet on what the addons would be an extra charge, such as if Voice Mail would be $5 on top of the unlimited price plan. Regarding devices, longtime rumours have Mobilicity offering various BlackBerry, Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Huawei… Plus Google’s Nexus One will also work on their network.

The Mobilicity brand was unveiled back in and stands for “Mobile and Simplicity” with the tag line of “No Contract. No Credit Check. Unlimited Wireless”. Toronto will be the first launch city followed by Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Ottawa. Clearly they will be focused on attracting core city customers. No word on what happens when you leave the Mobilicity calling area, but you’ll be hopping on Rogers network as they have a roaming agreement with them.

What do you think of the possible $65 unlimited talk, text, long-distance and data package? Would you go for it?

More here at the Globe
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