Rogers launching “Handset Protection Guarantee”

Rogers has announced a new program that will officially start May 24th called the “Handset Protection Guarantee”. This is different than their “Out-of-warranty program” and basically if you’re a Rogers customer and your device is lost, stolen or broken they’ll give you a few options to help you replace it.

If your device is lost or stolen Rogers will step up and offer a discount to help you get a new (or refurbished) device in your hands. No terms of the dollar amount of discount are disclosed. For broken devices, customers can have the device repaired at a subsidized cost and Rogers will see how much damage there is, provide you with a quote and repair it within 10 business days. Also, if it’s your first out-of-warranty occurrence you can choose not to replace the device and get one of their $0 phones. Rogers states that this program is available to all customers “at no cost”.

Rogers says that this is “a first in Canada” but back in October TELUS rolled out something similar called the “Device Protection Plan”. TELUS’ program is brokered through a company called Asurion and costs $7 a month (can be canceled at anytime) and covers you if your device is lost, stolen or sustains some types of damages not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

In addition, Bell has a program called “Smart/Phone Care” that also costs $7 a month and gives you protection from loss, theft and damage.

More info here at Rogers