Bell Nokia N97 OS upgrade to v21.2.045 now available

For those who have a Bell Nokia N97 you can now upgrade your device to the latest OS Version 21.2.045. There are a few enhancements (listed below) that comes with this. To preform this you can make your way over to the Nokia website, or you can also upgrade over  a Wi-Fi or HSPA connection (just go into your settings). Here’s the list of enhancements that you can expect:

Voicemail: Voicemail retrieval number is now automatically saved by the SIM card that is placed in the device.

Instant Messaging: The embedded MSN and Yahoo application can now be viewed properly.

• The N97 no longer freezes when using “sequence mode” on the camera while the radio plays in the background.
• Now be able to zoom in on the subject while recording a video from the device.
• Images captured on the camera when the memory is low are now saved in the Photos folder.

General improvements have been made to the following applications:
• Facebook
• Maps
• Media Player

The performance of the following widgets has been improved:
• AccuWeather
• Elle
• ESPN Soccernet
• My Space