WIND releases 10 reasons why they are better than Mobilicity

We posted earlier that WIND requested Canadians to have a “buyer beware” mentality when considering new wireless carrier Mobilicity. However it looks like they are really digging in the heals as they have released a top 10 comparison of what makes them the better choice over Mobilicity.

UPDATE: This is sent to us by WIND’s PR Agency (Narrative Advocacy Media) – not fabricated by us.

Here they are… what do you think:

1. Limited Coverage
WIND’s growing network is already about four times bigger than Mobilicity’s. In the GTA alone, WIND’s network is twice the size of Mobilicity’s. That’s what “greater” coverage really means.

2. NO Mobility!
WIND’s unlimited services can be used in the greater Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa, Edmonton and Vancouver regions – regardless of where the WIND customer lives. Mobilicity customers pay extra as soon as they step outside Mississauga, Scarborough, or Richmond Hill.

3. $20 for a song!
With Mobilicity, you’ll need to pay $65/month to get a data plan on anything other than a Blackberry or else you have to pay $5 per megabyte (MB). The typical MP3 download is around 4MB — that’s $20 to listen to your favourite song at Mobilicity! WIND offers choice — you can buy plan that works for you AND get a data add-on that suits your needs. And with WIND you can tether, stream, and P2P. Can you do that with Mobilicity’s data??

4. Unexpected Charges
Looks like Mobilicity could charge roaming even while you’re in the GTA! Unless you’ve got a Mobilicity coverage map in your pocket, you’ll incur unexpected roaming charges as you move about certain areas of the GTA and anywhere beyond. And unlike WIND, your handset won’t tell you when you’re outside your WIND Zone. ‘

5. NO entry-level handset
WIND’s handset range better suits our customers’ needs starting at the $70 Huawei up to $450 for a Blackberry Bold 9700. Mobilicity phone’s range from a $100 Totem (???) or Sony Ericsson TM506 up to $500 for a Blackberry Bold 9700.

6. $45 Voicemail
With Mobilicity it looks like you have to pay at least $45 in order to get Voicemail.
With WIND, you can get voicemail added to any plan you want.

7. NO Choice: Only Pre-Paid
They’re just pre-paid – Mobilicity customers don’t get a choice.
WIND offers both prepaid and postpaid on all of our phones, prices and plans.

8. Limited Roaming
With WIND, you can take your phone and any plan to over 200 countries and territories. At Mobilicity, you better not travel outside North America and hope to use your phone – and it’s unclear if Mobilicity’s US roaming is working right now

9. NO Value-Added
Unlike WIND, Mobilicity doesn’t include extra features as part of all their plans – Where’s the call waiting, call forwarding, conference calling, missed call alerts for everyone that WIND provides at no additional cost? And WIND offers Province-Wide or Canada-wide calling on ALL Plans, while Mobilicity seems to be using the antiquated local calling area concept.

10. NO Promotions
WIND is offering 50% of all plan fees for 6 months right now. More importantly, WIND is giving current customers up to 6 months of free plan fees for friends they bring to WIND.