WIND says Canadians should use “the principle of buyer beware” with new competition

With Mobilicity announcing they’ll be officially open for business in Toronto on Saturday in several locations, offering a variety of unlimited plans and 6 devices to choose from… WIND Mobile has written a post on their company blog that urges Canadians to have the “buyer beware” mentality of the new competition.

Chairman of WIND Tony Lacavera stated that “The next few weeks and months will see the launch of several new mobile carriers in the Canadian marketplace. This will continue to broaden the competitive landscape; however, I know that WIND will continue to be the right network for Canadian consumers… With new competition emerging, the principle of ‘buyer beware’ is going to become very important. When customers evaluate the competition, they need to understand what they’re getting and what they’re not. That means asking the right questions: Does this new player offer data, roaming?”

WIND launched their service back in December of last year and operate in Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa and soon in Vancouver. Even though Lacavera does not directly state they are talking about Mobilicity, he does go into detail about how “WIND’s network extends across the country… and in those zones, we cover much more than the urban core.”

Mobilicity’s Unlimited wireless service is currently only offered in the Greater Toronto Area with plans to launch in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Ottawa later this year.

What are your thoughts of the Battle of the New Entrants?