Virgin puts BlackBerry Pearl 3G on site as “Coming Soon”… but not to Saskatchewan and Manitoba

From all of the carriers we thought it would be Bell, TELUS or Rogers to put the new Pearl 3G on their site, however it looks like Virgin Mobile is first up! If you check out their site you’ll see that they’ll be selling it for $49.99 on a 3-year and $349.99 on a 30-day. It also says “Coming Soon” but when you click the “Buy Now” you get this message: “Sorry, this phone has been flying off the shelves and we’re out of stock”. They also give you an option to sign up via e-mail alerts when it becomes available.

In addition, because this will operate on Virgin’s (actually Bell’s) HSPA network, Virgin states that “Because of network differences, this phone isn’t available in Saskatchewan and Manitoba yet.”

More here at Virgin
(Thanks Jason!)