63% of people who text send “quick bits of information”

A press release just went out to promote Rogers Extreme Text Messaging service… but way more interesting than the service is the survey it mentions.

In Canada there were over 35 billion text messages sent in 2009 (an increase of 70% from 2008). This survey paid by Rogers and done by Harris/Decima between May 6th to May 9th of about 1,000 Canadians. 653 of those 1,000 people surveyed own a mobile phone and out of those “283 send at least one text message a month on average”… those people are probably not going to sign up for the Extreme Text Message plan. In addition, 63% send “quick bits of information”, 59% use texts to stay in touch with friends and 49% with family. Thirty-five percent wished they could block texts from certain numbers.

Check out the survey here at CNW