Bell gives no love to the Palm App Catalog…

OK – Bell has this massive ad campaign going on now that promotes how “apps work best on the best network”. It’s all about getting the top apps loaded onto your smartphone. If you check out their site they go into great detail of the several apps on different devices: iPhone (App Store), BlackBerry (App World), Motorola Dext (Android Market), even the Nokia N97 gets a nod along with the Samsung Omnia II and Galaxy.

Here’s something strange – the Palm Pre and App Catalog is MIA from the list. Bell spend a great deal of time and money promoting this device and all its multitasking capabilities. One of my devices is the Palm Pre and I love webOS and download free and paid apps from the App Catalog. Even though you can now get the Pre for a low no-contract price of $300… Don’t you think it’s kinda odd that a device they took so much pride in is completely missing?

Perhaps the Bell execs are siding with Sprint CFO Robert Brust when he stated this week that the Pre “didn’t work out as well as [they] hoped.”

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