Mobilicity “Downloads Store” now live

We let you know that Mobilicity was set to launch their “mobile content portal” this week and today is the big day!

For those Mobilicity customers who want to download items you’ll have to launch the browser on your phone’s menu and look for the “Downloads Store”. Here you’ll find a selection of “Mainstream, Asian and South Asian games, images, ringtones, wallpapers/themes.

Mobilicity states that “Most Mobilicity phones have the Downloads Store set as the homepage – if your phone does not, type in in the browser address bar. There is no cost to browse the Mobilicity download store”.

Curious about the cost… we wished it was Unlimited like everything else in their lineup. However, here’s a breakdown according to Mobilicity FAQ (All prices includes the $0.50 download fee):

Games: $3.00 – $7.00
Wallpapers/Images: $2.50
Ringtones: $3.50
Themes (includes 1 ringtone and 1 wallpaper): $5.00

Check it out here at Mobilicity