Rumour: 5 HTC Windows Phone 7 devices hitting Canada?

Well it looks like their just might be some Windows Phone 7 devices actually coming to Canada! No official word but thanks to the hard work famed ROM hacker “conflipper” who found a bunch of HTC devices that are heading to either Rogers, Bell or TELUS. Based on the carrier codes here’s the findings:

HTC Buzz is heading to Rogers.
HTC Schubert going to Telus.
HTC Mondrian going to Telus & Rogers.
HTC Scorpio (aka HTC Olympian) is going to Bell.
HTC Spark (World Phone) is heading over to Bell.

More news on these will follow but some of these devices are unknown… no word on when these will be coming as Canada was not part of the Mircosoft initial launch plans for WP7 devices.

Via: WMExperts & Conflipper Tweets: 1, 2, 3