Rogers: “What does Unlimited really mean… not much!”

At the 2010 Canadian Telecom Summit today Rogers President Rob Bruce was comparing our rates to our southern counterparts in the United States – specifically unlimited plans and how we actually get more value up here in Canada. Bruce stated that “Here’s another fact. On Smartphones people talk about all Unlimited plans in the US. And yes… I know it makes for catchy marketing. But what does Unlimited really mean… not much. Our research shows that average daily use on an iPhone is about 210 MB and more than 90% of iPhone customers use less than 500MB of data.”

So if offering Unlimited plans to customers actually doesn’t mean much… where does this put all the new entrants Public Mobile, Wind Mobile and Mobilicity who came into the market heavily promoting that Unlimited plans are the way to go. Is this just a “catchy marketing” ploy or do we really need Unlimited in Canada?