Videotron: “The more of our services you have the better the deal we can offer”

Videotron is looking to eventually launch their new AWS wireless network sometime before the end of the year – perhaps in the Fall. They were supposed to go live in May but President & CEO of parent company Pierre Karl Péladeau recently stated that “Launching a network is not a piece of cake…We want to keep offering our clients quality products and, in telecommunications, this means service without interruption and offering quality content. We are quite satisfied with the deployment but it isn’t finished yet”.

Videotron is one of the companies that all the carriers are watching carefully. They have such a strong dominance in Quebec in their other businesses that wireless will become their primary focus… eventually taking more customers away from the other carriers.

Today at the 2010 Canadian Telecom Summit Robert Depatie President & CEO of Videotron took the stage and spoke about where their organization is heading when it comes to wireless. Depatie stated the Videotron “Winning Formula” is based on a 4-point approach: Ubiquity, Price, Quality and Synergy. All these combined equals how Videotron will eventually come to the market with their new offering and offer more value and choice.

Depatie says “We will offer price plans that are competitive. Indeed, Videotron already offers some of the best price plans in North America. Still looking for deals? We offer better deals to customers who already Videotron’s services. The more of our services you have the better the deal we can offer.”

“The Best equipment. The most robust network design and the most extensive testing and tuning plan will equate into the highest quality network. Our vigilant technical support teams will work around the clock to make sure our customers will have the best possible experience.”

Bundling services from Internet, Cable, Home Phone and Wireless is what every carrier wants. Bundling is certainly not new and offering discounts by getting more than one service with a provider should actually be expected these days. Hopefully Videotron will have really incredible prices and great devices when they actually launch (we already know BlackBerry is coming).

For those in Quebec… are you patiently waiting for Videotron to launch and offer better service, price plans and devices? Will you give their new network a go?