“Refreshed” Bell iPhone 3G hits a low of 9.99 on 3-year

If you want to take a risk and get yourself a refurbished iPhone 3G… Bell is offering up a Family and Friends deal that sees this hit a low cost of $9.99. There are some stipulations as this has to purchased on a 3-year with a $50 monthly Smartphone Combo plan. In addition, Bell states in the legal area that the offer goes until June 30, 2010.

Also, before you leap into this deal know that Bell has confirmed to be launching the new iPhone 4 in July. Here’s a rundown of what “refreshed” means to Bell: “Refreshed phones are phones returned to Bell in an unused or slightly used condition and that have passed rigorous Quality Assurance testing. Phones have been updated to current software and are verified to operate in accordance with their specifications. Some phones have minor cosmetic scratches that do not impact proper operation. Each phone carries a 90-day warranty from the date of purchase.”

Check it out here at Bell