Canada Post to start selling wireless in 2011?

Canada Post has had it revenue slip over the past few years and they are now looking for new ways to make an additional $250 million to $500 million by 2015. One way is to hop on the wireless bus. Early talks are that we’ll start seeing devices and plans from Rogers, Bell and possibly others available at its 6,500 locations by 2011.

Canada Post spokeswoman Catherine Lortie said “There’s no set business model for the time being. We’re the largest retailer in the country and access to our network is marketable.We want to diversify our revenue sources that have been dropping for several years with the decline in the volume of delivered mail.”

Another 6.500 locations is good for the carriers. More distribution is always good. Can you see yourself walking into a Canada Post and getting a device activated? Or would you just walk down the street to your local carrier?

Via: Toronto Sun