TELUS “Data Notifications” sends free text to manage data usage

Today TELUS officially announced a free text service called “TELUS Data Notifications”. It’s pretty simple and should have been implemented years ago.

This “Data Notifications” sends you a text whenever you’re about to go over your data on your device (mobile phone, smartphone or Internet Stick). This works for both Prepaid and those on a contract. If you’re on a contract you’ll see a text hit you at the 75% data mark and again at the 95% data consumed mark. For Prepaid, you’ll be seeing a text when you have used $10 and $50.

This Data Notifications is effective immediately and works while roaming in the States and Internationally. In addition, if for some reason you want to turn off these alerts you can do so… all you have to do is visit “Your Account” and opt-out.

Check it out here at TELUS