G8 & G20 Summits coming to town to jam streets and cellphones signals

The world leaders are infiltrating Ontario later this month with both the G8 Summit in Hunstville and the G20 in Toronto. Wireless carriers have been informed that cellphone signals may be jammed, but not told when.

The Integrated Security Unit is responsible for the security during these Summits and they aren’t saying much about when or who how will be affected. Sgt. Leo Monbourquette of the ISU said “We use a lot of different techniques in ensuring security to deal with possible threats and we never share those techniques, we don’t make them public”.

Cellphones apparently are common to set off bombs. This jamming is only expected to be used around motorcades by creating a “bubble of electronic silence”. As for us customers we’ll barely notice… but the key to know if your signal has been jammed is that it “may appear as a dropped call”. But hey… dropped calls happen everyday.

Via: TheStar