Rogers credits 300,000 Bundle customers $30 million over a “billing inaccuracy”

Thanks to a Rogers “billing inaccuracy” 300,000 customers who signed up to combine several services (wireless, internet, home phone and cable) with the “Better Choice Bundles” will get a combined refund totaling of $30 million… so the average customer will score a $100 each… but it gets better. Apparently 200,000 customers got better discounts than they should have but Rogers says customers “will have their historical under-payments waived and the correct discount applied moving forward.”

This is an honest move. Customers who are effected will get a letter by mail starting June 22nd and those who paid too much will get a credit on their account. If you’re not with Rogers anymore you can expect a check sent to you.

Phil Hartling, SVP of Consumer Segment at Rogers said “Once we identified the issue, we initiated a comprehensive review of current and former customer accounts to identify those that were not correctly billed. We have been working around the clock to make this right and we apologize to our affected customers.”

Via: CNW