Koodo HSPA launch updates… Nokia 3710 prices plus a Samsung “T356” coming?

Koodo will eventually be going live with HSPA – now the date is by end of the month. The Nokia 3710 will be their first device and we now have prices for you: $175 outright or $25 on the Tab. The SIM is included with a Koodo HSPA purchase.. or those wanting to get a Koodo SIM can purchase one for 10 bucks.

Another couple pieces of news for you: a new web link for unlocked phones has apparently surfaced, telling us that HSPA is coming soon. You can check out the link here. There are no phones listed as it only says “Only Koodo Mobile phones can be activated with Koodo Mobile” for now.

Looking for another HSPA device to hit Koodo soon? Well, we’ve been informed that it’s the Samsung SGH-T356. There are no specs on this other than it’s an entry level device but early pricing is targeted to be around the $300 mark.

We’ll have more info soon… be patient, Koodo HSPA is coming.