Koodo Mobile officially announces HSPA network

The day has finally arrived for Koodo Mobile enthusiasts as they’ve officially announced that they’ll start selling HSPA devices. There is no word yet on when or what devices are going to be available… but we’ve stated in the past it’ll be the Nokia 3710 and the Samsung T356.The Koodo SIM will also be available for $10.

What I didn’t realize is how Koodo positions themselves against competition. In a release today they stated they are “Canada’s decidedly different, pay for what you need wireless company”. Interesting choice of words. However, thanks to parent company TELUS it’s great to see them hopping board the HSPA bus!

Kevin Banderk, Chief Koodo Officer said “Koodo has always been focused on communication essentials such as talk and text. Online social media has become a communication essential for many of our customers and the addition of HSPA phones ensures our customers will continue to get great connectivity with sites such as Facebook and Twitter. HSPA will also give Koodo customers the ability to travel internationally with their phone and broaden the choice of handsets we can offer consumers.”