Rogers says “do not call our Customer Care representatives” regarding iPhone 4 launch dates

We know the new iPhone 4 is hitting Canada “by the end of July” but we received an from a tipster who signed up for Rogers updates that basically asks customers not to call them regarding launch dates.

The e-mail states “Dear Customer… We’re anxiously awaiting for the launch of the iPhone 4 in Canada on the Rogers network, however, at this time we don’t have anything to announce on availability and pricing…. We’ll continue to share details as soon as we can by e-mail. In the meantime, we recommend that customers do not call our Customer Care representatives as they have no additional details.”

Kinda don’t blame them for saying don’t call us as they must be getting inundated with calls. Last month it was revealed that “an average service call costs a wireless company $5 to $12”. So imagine how much money they’re spending on the iPhone 4 launch date calls. On the other hand, perhaps when a wireless carrier puts “coming soon” on upcoming devices it would reduce the amount of calls.

You can check it out here