Koodo puts together a “Savings Calculator” to help manage your usage

Got to hand it to Koodo Mobile these days. They recently launched their first BlackBerry (Curve 8530) and just yesterday went live with their HSPA network. Huge steps indeed. Today they released what they call a “Savings Calculator”. Koodo customers can upload a PDF of a monthly bill and based on what it says it gives a recommendation of what plan you should go on and how much you could save a month.

We don’t know for sure how Koodo comes to the recommendation but they do state in the fine print that “the results are provided for information purposes only and are not binding to Koodo Mobile. Koodo Mobile does not guarantee, represent or warrant that the following recommendations will results in any savings for you”.

Even if Koodo is basically taking no responsibility for the results of this “Savings Calculator”… it’s worth it to give it a go if you’re a customer. Money is better in your pocket than a wireless carrier.

Check it here at Koodo